Water Seal

Minar Water Seal is impermeable waterproof coating with very high adhesion capacity, useful for protecting surfaces from positive as well as negative pressure of water.

Salient features

Property Remark
Appearance Free flow white powder
Water Requirement 30% to 35%
Bulk Density 1.2 +/-0.1
Setting Time 3 Hrs
Positive pressure resistance 4 kg
Negative pressure resistance 2 kg
Curing Self curing
Coverage per Kg 1.2 to 1.5 Sq. Mt
Pre-wetting of surface Preferred
Packing 1, 5, 20 and 40 kg


For Roof Slab / Sanitary Blocks / Basement / Sunk Slab Etc

1. Clean entire slab with wire brush ensuring all loose particles like dust, oil, grease and fungus is removed thoroughly.

2. Wash entire surface with potable water. Ensure that there is no waterlogged area.

3. Widen all creaks mechanically or manually. Fill all creaks with paste using Minar Water Seal and Water (20 to 25% of powder).

4. Thoroughly mix powder with 35 – 40 % water. There should not be any bubble in liquid. Mechanical stirrer is advisable to mix it evenly as well as save labour.

5. Before applying on slab pre-wetting of surface is required.

6. Apply one coat horizontally and second coat (after drying of first coat) vertically to ensure no area is left behind.

Well designed application of Minar Water Seal stops water seepages of below ground structures like Basement and Underground Tanks.

It protects costliest paint from rising damp of walls.

This product is applicable at terrace leakage, Dampness on wall surface, high rise building basement (to stop the outside water)

water seal

water seal

water seal