About Us


About us:

Minar Prefab Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in year 1979 by the entrepreneurs with zeal to provide cost effective solutions to construction industry. During the journey the company has introduced many products and processes for the first time. The management of the company has vision to provide eco-friendly green products for construction industry for sustainable development.


  •  Promoted by concrete technology.
  •  Concrete is made by using weighing system.
  •  Mix design is prepared for every change in R.M.
  •  Micro fines are used
  •  Consistent quality is achieved with strict supervision.
  •  Pipes are manufactured strictly in accordance with Indian Standards
  •  In-house R & D divisions undertake fundamental research and commercialize same.
  •  Owned transportation facilities to maintain progress

Concrete Products:

MPPL produces different kind of precast products like hollow blocks, interlocking paving blocks, RCC hume pipes, precast slab beams and manholes. We also accept inquiries for tailor made precast items also.

Premixed Products: Premixed products such as self curing mortar, Ready plaster, Tile adhesive, Wall putty and joint filers are made with proper blend of specialty chemicals to improve performance, enhance workability and reduce cost of structure.

Waterproofing Chemicals: Depending upon application we have membrane coating as well as integral water proofing compound. Specially designed chemicals provide high adhesion to substrate and water tightness in negative pressure as well.