1. High Adhesion :Long lasting adhesion with substrates.
2. Waterproofing:It provides good resistance to water penetration from joints in wet areas
3. Hygienic: Ideal for areas where hygiene maintenance is critical like Laboratories, Breweries, Clinics and Bathrooms

Technical details

  • a. Pot life: Approx. 30 minutes
  • b. Foot Traffic: 24 hrs
  • c. Heavy Traffic: 7 days
  • d. Specific gravity: 1.8
  • e. Sag: No sag
  • f. Tensile Bond Strength (14 days air drying): > 4.5 Mpa
  • g. Water absorption: Nil
  • h. Shrinkage: Nil



 Surface preparation : Before starting to grout, remove debris in grout joints and dust can be removed by compressed air jetting.

 Mixing: Mix Part A B and C as per ration given in pack thoroughly

 Application: Press the grout firmly by using a hard rubber squeeze, into joints ensuring that the joints are completely filled.

 Cleaning: Clean the surface with damp sponge in circular motion

 Precaution: Use gloves to ensure no contact with skin. Surface must be dry. It is recommended to use tapes for easy cleaning.


Depends on the tile size and width of joint between tiles.

Calculation Formula

(Tile Length + Tile Breadth) x Tile Thickness x Joint Width x Specific Gravity / (Tile Length + Joint Width) x (Tile Breadth + Joint Width) = kg / sq.m

Sp gravity of Cementitious Tile Grout is 1.8

PACKAGING 1 & 5 kg.