Minar Integral

Multipurpose Integral Waterproofing Liquid

Area of Application

Addition of MIW in concrete , mortar and plaster will make it impermeable. It can be used for addition to concrete for slabs, column, beam, water tanks as well as all water bearing structures like water tank , aqueducts, jetty etc.


  • Makes concrete plaster material more homogeneous and impermeable.
  • If proper care (vibration during casting concrete and leak proof shuttering) is taken during placing concrete, there will be no need of extra treatment.


  • Protects steel from corrosion as addition in concrete will not allow water moisture to pass through concrete and reach up to steel.
  • Improves strength and durability of concrete / mortar as voids are minimised
  • Improves workability

How to apply

  • Add 100 ml of MIW in 400 ml of water and stir it properly
  • Use mixture for preparing concrete or mortar for one bag of 50 kg cement

Liquid Integral Compound to Make Concrete and Mortar Waterproof

  • Improves water tightness of concrete I mortar
  • Increases workability of the concrete I plaster mortar mix, yielding cohesive homogeneous mix
  • Acts to cut capillary structures formed in mortar Doesn't affect the setting time and strength
Minar Integral

Minar Integral