Thin Layer Polymer Modified Concrete / AAC Block Joining Mortar


  •  Thin jointing material with very high adhesion strength
  •  Pre-mixed and ready-to-use. Only water is to be mixed at site
  •  Economical.  Eliminates lengthy and cumbersome processes of site mixing, thus transport and storage of all individual materials is avoided
  •  Ease of mix and much faster application
  •  Thin layer application results in structure being compact
  •  No water curing is required after application
  •  Minimizes the undulation of the surface
  •  Being a thin layer, chances of water percolation is negligible
  •  Being premixed, it saves considerable time and labour

Areas of Application

  •  Laying and jointing of fly ash bricks, cement blocks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks etc.
  •  Jointing of pre-stressed concrete slabs, panels.
  •  Parapet walls
  •  Jointing of cement window and door frames.
  •  Garden and boundary walls.

Technical Specifications

Sr No Properties Specifications
1 Appearance Free flowing Powder
2 Color Grey
3 Water Requirement 30 to 35%
4 Workability Better than conventional mortar
5 Pot Life 2 hrs @ 30.C
6 Compressive Strength @ 28 Days 40 Kgs / Sq. Cm.

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